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Story Time Yoga - Think Big, Little One

Last year, I did many posts about Women’s History Month & a few figures who shaped the world into what it is today. This March, I was celebrating my daughter’s first birthday and am still learning how to balance all the things in my life. While I wasn’t able to prepare as much, I did think it was only fitting to share the book, Think Big, Little One, by Vashti Harrison on the last day of Women’s History Month. And then my babe had a rough night, woke up super early, and we had a very busy day, so here it is, on April 1st. Such is life, right?

To add movement to this book, I’ve chosen a yoga pose or movement to help represent each person listed in the book. Remember to do the pose on both sides when needed! There was a lot of people to find a pose for, so don’t think too hard about what these poses represent - I had to do a bit of mental gymnastics to get to a few of them! You can download these slides here!

Chat about the book! You might share a person you found particularly interesting and ask which person your child found the most interesting. You might go back through and ask:

  • Would you like to discover something new? What do you think that new something might be?

  • Have you ever made a difference? (Be sure to find a way your child makes a difference - no matter how small.) If you could make a difference right now, what would it be?

  • What does it mean to color outside the lines? Why is that a good thing sometimes?

  • What is culture? How do you “shine a light” on culture? How should you respond when someone shares their culture with you?

  • If you see the world differently, you might help shape something brand new that we haven’t even thought of yet. If you could invent something brand new for the world, what would it be?

Leave your questions open-ended. Allow your child to dream as big as they want in their answers. Hear them out and encourage their interests. You might even be able to encourage them to do a little more learning about a person or idea that they found particularly interesting!

For some added fun and to work out some extra energy, free dance to ‘Real Girl’ by Kira Willey!

If you don’t have a copy of Think Big, Little One at home, I hope you can snag one from the local library, a thrift shop, or a bookstore, and enjoy a bit of purposeful, mindful, fun story time yoga at home!

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