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Story Time Yoga - Yoga Bunny

In my opinion, spring is the perfect point in the year to start fresh and the story, Yoga Bunny by Brian Russo, shows us in the most subtle of ways that good things can come from simply being willing to try new things! This book can also serve as a gentle reminder to us adults to lead by example, rather than force. Join bunny and his friends as they practice yoga together, but in their own time.

To get your little moving, you’ll need to arrange a couple materials for a yoga game!

Shuffle the cards and flip them upside down in a pile. Roll your timer die and choose your yoga pose card. Be like bunny and lead yourself and others through the pose and count aloud together as you hold the pose. If it’s a pose with two sides, like Warrior - be sure to practice on both sides!

Chat with your little! You might talk about the animals in the story and why each didn’t want to join bunny for yoga. You could talk about the feelings of each animal and ask them to show you the faces that represent those feelings. Did bunny get upset that his friends didn’t join him? How did bunny feel when they did join him? How did all the animals feel at the end? You might even wrap up with a talk about the good things that can come from trying new things. What is one new thing you and your little could try this week?

For an energetic breathing exercise, practice Bunny Breath!

  • Sit in a seat (on your knees or crisscross applesauce).

  • Bring your bunny paws in front of you.

  • Take 4-5 quick bunny breaths in through your nose and then exhale and let it all out through your mouth. Repeat this several times.

  • On your last breath, take one long deep breath in through your nose and let it out through your mouth.

If you don’t have a copy of Yoga Bunny at home and you can wait, I will be using this book in my Celebrating Spring Kids Yoga class on Saturday, March 26th! I hope your little will be able to join us! If you can’t wait, I hope you can snag one from the local library, a thrift shop, or a bookstore, and enjoy a bit of purposeful, mindful, fun story time yoga at home!

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